Huntsman Senior Games, St. George Utah


Huntsman World Senior Games

Huntsman World Senior Games is an international celebration of athletes who have reached the golden years of their life. From traditional group competitions to truly Western sporting events, the annual Senior Games celebrates life-long physical fitness in the scenic backdrop of St. George, Utah. Read More

  • Team sports, like basketball and softball, to individual events, like golf and tennis
  • Held in October each year
  • Venues throughout St George

Overview: People from all over the globe and all fitness levels are welcome to compete, as long as the meet the minimum age requirement of 50 years old.  From team sports, like basketball and softball, to individual events, like golf and tennis, all types of athletic talents are featured at the World Senior Games. There are even Western themed contests that include square dancing, cowboy shooting, and horseshoes.

When: An October event each year. This year it will take place from October 9th-21st, 2017.

Where: Venues are spread throughout St George

Fees: Cost may vary

Details: The Senior Games was founded in 1987 as the paramount international senior sports contest. A small full-time staff and a brigade of volunteers ensure the event is well organized and fun.

Perhaps even more important than the actual athletic events are the myriad of health services provided to the public. Health screenings for cancer, glaucoma, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and bone density are made available by dedicated sponsors and health professionals.

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