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Angels Landing

Known as the most popular hike in Zion, Angels Landing is a must for those who desire a strenuous day hike with breathtaking vistas of surrounding peaks, Zion canyon and the Virgin River Valley. Read More

  • Experience unrivaled vistas of surrounding peaks, Zion Canyon, and the Virgin River Valley.
  • In a mere 2.5 miles, Zion's most popular hike climbs 1600 ft above the valley floor, appropriate for experienced hikers.
  • The final pitch of Angels Landing is often compared to walking on a razor's edge, offering both scenery and adventure.


The most popular day hike in Zion National Park, Angels Landing is known for it's spectacular views, as well as high level of difficulty.  Named by explorer Frederick Fisher in 1916, claiming that  "Only an angel could land on it," this monolith offers breathtaking views of the Organ, Cable Mountain, the Great White Throne and the Virgin River 1,500 feet below.

Location and Access

Angels Landing in Zion begins in Zion Canyon at the Grotto picnic area, .6 miles beyond Zion Lodge.  Between April and October this can only be accessed via the park's free shuttle service. This trail is not advisable for small children due to strenuous hiking and exposure.

The Hike

Though this well-maintained trail only covers 2.5 miles (one way) it has an elevation gain of 1,488 feet, lending it a well-deserved strenuous rating. Angels Landing's danger-factor becomes apparent after Scout Lookout.  This last half-mile balances atop a razor-thin spine of rock, with drops on either side ranging between 800 and 1,200 feet. For confidence purposes some sections provide anchor support chains. 

With the exception of Refrigerator Canyon, Zion's Angels Landing offers little or no shade, so plan accordingly when hiking during summer.  Also be aware, if the top section is wet or icy, it can quite treacherous and should be avoided.  Plan on five hours to complete this spectacular hike roundtrip.

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