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Hook Canyon

Hook Canyon is a little-known descent from the summit of Cathedral Peak, but it offers an exciting chance to deviate from the standard for a different route back to the start. Read More

  • After summiting Cathedral Peak or Mount Majestic, Hook Canyon offers an alternative route for descent.
  • The canyon receives very few visitors attempting the route.
  • There are two rappels over 150 feet in length and technical downclimbs.
  • The route is a loop that follows the West Rim Trail before cutting in towards the summits.


Because of the soft rock and lack of solid protection, Hook Canyon will never be a popular journey. However, for the canyoneers looking for a route tucked away from the crowds, it's a great chance to do something a little different.

Most often, Hook Canyon is descended after summiting Cathedral or Majestic Mountain. The scramble up to either summit leads to an expansive panoramic view of the park, with the mountain plateaus looking over the entire area.

Rappels are generally a tree or bush and a bolt, often set in soft rock. The route covers quite a bit of steep, loose rock, so careful descents and downclimbs are a requirement. A bolt kit may be required in certain situations.

There is no water available on the route, so be sure to bring enough to last the entire trip.

Canyon Specifics

  • Average time: Full Day
  • Best time to go: Summer provides enough daylight to complete the route in one day.
  • Route beginning: Grotto Picnic Area
  • Route end: Grotto Picnic Area
  • Number of rappels: Two rappels at 150 feet, multiple short rappels


A permit is not required for this canyon, unless planning an overnight trip.