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Of the many activities available in Zion National Park, canyoneering is one of the most exciting and memorable ways to explore the cliffs, rivers and canyons that make the park so famous.

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  • Zion has some of the best canyoneering routes in the country.
  • The Subway and Mystery Canyon are the two most popular routes in the park.
  • Grab your favorite rappel device and drop off a cliff to start your canyoneering adventure.
  • Hire a guide to provide the leadership and safety knowledge necessary.


While not for the faint of heart, canyoneering in Zion National Park is a safe way to have a unique adventure, rappelling down fluted canyon walls, traversing streams and waterfalls, and witnessing some of the park's remote treasures.

Where to go Canyoneering

There are three popular sections for canyoneering, the Zion Main Canyon, the East Side, and the Kolob West Terrace. Here is a list of some of the more popular places for the growing sport.

The Subway (Kolob Terrace) 
Of the many routes in Zion, canyoneering raises its game with The Subway. The 6-8 hour trail has rappels, waterfalls, crystal pools, and even a section of eroded rock that looks like a subway tunnel! And at the end, dinosaur tracks are there for a history lesson among all the beauty.

Mystery Canyon (Zion Canyon)
Along with The Subway, this is the most sought-after permit for canyoneering. A wooded canyon, a long rappel into a pool, slabs of slippery rock and more, all within a 5-7 hour trek. A more perfect place for canyoneering couldn't be designed.

Orderville Canyon (East Side)
This is a secondary route to the Zion Narrows that many consider more beautiful, less crowded, and more fun. Technically, it's not overly complicated, which makes for a great route to introduce beginner canyoneers.

Keyhole Canyon (East Side)
Known as one of the coldest canyons in the park, this is a great trek for a hot day. Cold, subterranean water waits to send chills through any canyoneers pushing through this tight, 2 hour hike.

Imlay and Heaps Canyon (Kolob Terrace)
While they may be experts-only routes, both of these canyons are examples of how exciting canyoneering can be. These two hikes are a notch above the others in everything from beauty to difficulty.

Guided Tours & Rentals

Explore the various guiding companies below to provide gear, transportation and, most important of all, knowledge and experience to safely and enjoyably complete a trek of the proper difficulty.