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Horseback Riding

Through the long history of Zion National Park, horseback riding has played a prominent role, both with preserving the culture of the area and providing a unique experience for visitors.

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  • Sand Bench Trail is the most popular horse trail, following the base of The Sentinel for overlooking views of Zion Canyon.
  • Hop Valley has a campground with hitching posts for an overnight trip to Kolob Arch.
  • Horseback rides are only permitted on designated trails in Zion National Park.
  • Many ranches around the park offer horseback tours as well.


Jump up to the saddle, grab the reins, and gallop off into the desert sunset.  Zion is the perfect setting for a western movie, where you'll have the chance to feel like you're onscreen with the old spaghetti-western cowboys.

Where to go Horseback Riding

Sand Bench Trail
Passing through the Court of the Patriarchs, this is the most popular horse trail in Zion. The 3.8-mile loop goes to the base of The Sentinel, with beautiful views of Zion Canyon along the entire route. Because of the lower elevation, this trail is normally open all year long.

Hop Valley Trail
Starting from Kolob Terrace Road and heading up to Kolob Arch, this out-and-back trail is 6.5 miles each way, heading north on a sandy floor with rising walls adding a beautiful element. There is a campground 5 miles up the trail, with two hitching posts for the horses.

Coal Pit and Scoggins Washes
Named for the black basaltic rock that looks like coal, Coal Pit Wash follows the stream bed 4.5 miles north to the juncture with Scoggins Wash, where the trail splits. Canyon walls, wooded hills and Cougar Mountain are all visible from the trail, located in the far southwest corner of the park and open year-round.

Nearby Zion National Park
There are a number of ranches and lodges that offer Zion horseback riding tours in the area around the national park. Often passing terrain similar to that in the park, as well as reaching vantage points to look inside the canyons, these can be great alternatives to riding inside the park boundaries.

Guided Tours & Rentals

Often, it is an advantage to have a guide provide the horses, feed, tack and transport, so take a look at some of the companies below to find which one works for you.