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Hurricane Cliffs

In the Hurricane Cliffs Trails System, six trails wander 23 miles over the terrain, including rocky slabs, slick rock, smooth hills and more, all surrounded by the quiet desert of southern Utah.

  • Four single-track trails form a 21 mile loop around the Hurricane Cliffs.
  • The Canal, a trail designated for hikers, follows an old water canal from 1904.
  • Bring the horses out for a 3-mile trek up the Chinatown Wash. 
  • Hurricane Cliffs is located just outside of the town of Hurricane, Utah.


Perhaps not as well known as Gooseberry Mesa to the east, Hurricane Cliffs offer great trails for non-motorized visitors in general, and mountain bikers specifically.

The area is varied in terrain, with rocky slabs, slick rock and smooth single-track. While the views are subtle in their beauty, this area was developed simply because it's a fun place to spend some time outdoors.

Location & Information

Hurricane Cliffs is bordered by the Virgin River to the north, Gooseberry Mesa to the east, and the town of Hurricane to the west. UT-59 runs directly through the area.

For maps, brochures and other information, contact the BLM office in St. George.

Bureau of Land Management
St. George Field Office
345 East Riverside Drive
St. George, Utah 84790
(435) 688-3200


There are four trailheads to use: Hurricane Hill to the west, near the town center; Virgin Dam on the northern boundary; Jem in the southeast corner on UT-59; and Gould's Rim, on the southwest side.

There are six trails in the network: all trails are open to hikers, four are open to bikers, and one for equestrians.


These trails are set in a 20.8 mile loop, with each segment labeled individually.

  • Jem Trail - 6.7 miles long, this trail connects Jem Trailhead with the Virgin River. 1.1 miles before reaching the river, there is a juncture with the Rim Trail.
  • Rim Trail - This starts at the juncture with the Jem Trail, passes the Virgin Dam Trailhead, and ends 7.3 miles later at the Hurricane Hill Trailhead.
  • Gould's Rim Trail - Connecting Hurricane Hill Trailhead with Gould's Rim, this has 3.1 miles of single track and 2.2 miles of 4x4 trail.
  • Gould's Trail - The 4x4 trail after Gould's Rim Trailhead lasts for just 0.7 miles, then the single track goes 2.3 miles to the Jem Trailhead, completing the loop.


Starting at the Virgin Dam Trailhead, the Canal is a narrow, 3.2 mile trail that follows the edge of the canyon in an old water canal completed in 1904. Not recommended for children or those afraid of heights. Bring a flashlight to explore the old tunnels.

Horseback Riding

While Chinatown Wash is open for hikers, it is generally only used by equestrians. This is an easy 3.1 mile out-and-back that follows a riverbed that eventually empties into the Virgin River.

Fun Facts

Hurricane Cliffs isn't inside a protected area such as a Reserve, Wilderness Area, or Area of Critical Environmental Concern.