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Mojave Desert

Named for the Mohave Indians of North America, the Mojave Desert, also known as the High Desert, covers 22,000 square mils and includes a large part of Southern California, northwestern Arizona, southern Nevada and southwestern Utah. The Mojave Desert is one of the largest desert regions in North America. Read More

In Utah, the Mojave Desert is located near St. George and is one of the most popular tourists spots in the country. Famous for its majestic desert beauty, the Mojave Desert is the location of four national parks. Within or adjoining the Mojave Desert is the Death Valley National Park, Joshua Tree National park, as well as Zion and the Grand Canyon National Parks.

Along with national parks and sand dunes, the Mojave Desert is also home to several ghost towns. Some of these old abandoned towns date from the region's gold rush days or the railroad boom, but other towns were abandoned when route 66 was no longer the main thoroughfare to the west coast.

Temperatures in the Mojave Desert can be extreme. In some areas the winter temperatures can get below 20"F, while the summer months can bring temperatures as high as 130"F at the desert's lowest elevations. It is advisable to take the proper precautions for extreme temperatures when visiting any region of the Mojave Desert.

Several major highways cross the Mojave Desert, including Interstate 15, Interstate 40, US Highway 395 and US Highway 95. From St. George Utah, Interstate 15 South toward Las Vegas will take you into the Mojave Desert.