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Hours & Seasons

Services and facilities in Zion National Park maintain seasonal schedules in order to balance the increased crowds and congestion during the summer with the empty roads and campsites in winter. Read More

  • Both Zion Canyon Visitor Center and Kolob Canyon Visitor Center are open year round.
  • Zion Human History Museum is closed during the winter months.
  • Zion Canyon Scenic Drive is closed to private vehicles from spring to fall, when the Zion Shuttle System runs the route.
  • Kolob Terrace Road is regularly closed during winter due to snow and ice.
  • The park season is busiest mid March to late October.

Zion National Park generally boasts hot summers and mild winters, with unpredictable weather during spring and fall. The most popular time to visit is summer and fall, when the temperatures are hot, but consistent.

The park is open all year, but museums and offices change their hours based on season. The longest hours are, unsurprisingly, during summer when crowds peak. Many offices close or hold shorter hours during winter, when there are fewer visitors in general.

Visitor Centers

  • Zion Canyon Visitor Center - Open daily, except Dec. 25th. Summer hours: 8am - 8pm; Fall hours: 8am - 6pm; Winter and Spring hours: 8am - 5pm.
  • Backcountry Desk at Zion Canyon Visitor Center - Summer hours: 7am - 8pm; Spring and Fall hours: 7am - 6pm; Winter hours: 8am - 4:30pm.
  • Kolob Canyon Visitor Center - Open daily, except Dec. 25th. Spring and Summer hours: 8am - 5pm; Fall and Winter hours: 8am - 4:30pm.
  • Backcountry Desk at Kolob Canyon Visitor Center - Summer, Spring and Fall hours: 8am - 5pm; Winter hours: 8am - 4:30pm.
  • Zion Human History Museum - Open daily, closed November to March. Summer hours: 9am - 7pm; Spring and Fall hours: 10am - 5pm.


  • Watchman Campground is open year-round, but only takes reservations from March to November. 
  • South Campground is only open during the busy season, from March to November.
  • Lava Point Campground is open from June through October, depending on weather.


  • The Zion Shuttle System runs from early morning to late evening during the spring, summer and fall. 
  • Zion Canyon Scenic Drive is regularly closed from mid March to late October and on weekends in November, starting at the junction with Zion-Mt. Carmel Highway and ending at the terminus at Temple of Sinawava. During the winter, when the Zion Shuttle System is not running, the road is open to general traffic. 
  • As only the first 14 miles are plowed, Kolob Terrace Road can be closed in winter due to snow and ice. During this time, it will normally be open to snowmobilers, skiers and hikers.
  • Due to the fragile, shifting nature of the sandstone, repairs and maintenance occur regularly, so be sure to check with the park office for updated information about construction and road closures.

Contact Information

  • Phone (Information) - (435) 772-3256 
  • Phone (Watchman Campground Reservations) - (877) 444-6777
  • Phone (Backcountry Information) - (435) 772-0170
  • Fax - (435) 772-3426
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    Zion National Park 
    Springdale, Utah 84767

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