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Great Basin

Great Basin National Park, located in north-central Nevada, along the Utah state line, is only about a three-and-a-half hour drive to Zion National Park. Read More

From Great Basin National Park turn right (south) on Route 287, at the town of Baker. Be sure to top off your gas tank in either Baker or in Garrison, Utah, seven miles down the road. Otherwise the next town with services. Milford, lies 82 miles away.

After just six miles Route 287 crosses into Utah and becomes Route 21. This empty stretch through the Wah Wah Mountains serves as a visual definition for desolation. Along the way you'll travel past the ghost town of Frisco, a former mining village that began in 1875 but, by 1920, sported a population of zero.

At Milford turn right (south) on Route 130 and follow to Interstate 15, 46 miles away, just north of Cedar City. Take I-15 down to Exit 27. Turn left on Route 17 and follow it to the town of Leeds where it merges with Route 9. Turn left (east) on 9 and follow into Zion National Park.

Before entering the park consider taking a side trip to Grafton, an astonishingly well-preserved ghost town used for several scenes in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. You can access it from the town of Rockville.