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Las Vegas

Only 160 miles from Zion National Park, area visitors can experience not only the geologic wonders and beauty of Zion, but also the excitement of the 'City that Never Sleeps'.

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  • After backpacking through the canyons of Zion, enjoy the excitement and luxury of Las Vegas, only two hours away.
  • Experience the natural beauty of Zion, world-class golf in St. George, and the Las Vegas Strip all in one day!
  • View the Grand Canyon from the air via one of Ls Vegas's helicopter services.


The close proximity between St. George, Las Vegas and Zion National Park allows you to conceivably spend the morning standing before the natural wonders of Zion, playing a round of golf on one of St. George's world-class courses in the afternoon, and then enjoying a night out on the Las Vegas Strip.


Located in the Mojave desert within Clark County, Las Vegas can be reached from Zion National Park in a 2.5 hour drive (160 miles).  From St. George to Las Vegas, it's a mere 118 miles.  A major international airport also serves the Las Vegas area, which many visitors to St. George and Las Vegas take advantage of. 

Services and Amenities

A world-wide destination for entertainment, Las Vegas is known for luxurious hotels, casinos, dining, and a shows of all types.  The 'City that Never Sleeps' offers a wide variety of accommodations and dining options that fit any budget. 

Activities and Attractions

During a St. George, Las Vegas Vacation, the question becomes how to chose between the area's plethora of activities and attractions.  Las Vegas is known for it's fine dining, casinos, award-winning shows, and shopping.  Many visitors also take advantage of the city's proximity to outdoor recreation such as boating in Lake Powell, mountain biking in Boulder City, or a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. 

Not only is St. George a launching point for Zion National Park, visitors can also enjoy an array of golf courses, mountain biking and hiking trails, and rock climbing.

Getting Here

There are several ways that visitors can travel between Las Vegas, St. George, and Zion.  In addition to flying into Las Vegas and renting a car, there is also a St.George-Las Vegas shuttle that runs throughout the day.  Rentals car agencies and a municipal airport are also located in St. George.

To reach Zion and St. George from Las Vegas, travel north on Interstate 15, heading towards Salt Lake City.  The highway winds through a desert landscape ornamented with sage bushes and distant mountain ranges.  Before reaching the Arizona state line you'll pass several small towns gussied with surprisingly large casinos, all conveniently located directly off the Interstate. I-15 continues through the upper northwest corner of Arizona for 29 miles. This scenic stretch climbs and descends a gap through the Virgin Mountains, highlighted by Mount Bangs at 8,350 feet.

After crossing the Utah border, the highway intersects St. George, a city famous for world-class golf courses. Approximately 10 miles beyond St. George, exit I-15 and continue east on Route 9. Follow for 29 miles into Zion National Park.