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St. George Golf Course

Take the time to play St. George Golf Course, with long, water-protected par 3's and large greens, forgiving an errant shot that doesn't stray too far on this classic layout.

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  • Play the eighteen forgiving holes of St. George Golf Course.
  • Open all year, this par-73 course is favored for its large fringe and greens.
  • Work through the demanding par-3s, then finish the round at a unique double green.


Opening in 1976, the St. George Golf Course maintains an older style than the newer courses in the area. Greens tend to be flatter, which means there's a better chance for even beginning players to sink some long putts.

In addition to being flatter, the greens are larger, with a comforting fringe, allowing forgiveness for the not-quite-what-I-was-hoping-for shot that often puts golfers in a tight spot.

The par 3's are legendary, with significant distance combining with hazards and lakes to protect the greens. Also, because of its older layout, walking is a real option, with greens and tees being reasonable distances between each other, unlike the marathon hikes some modern clubs have.


The par-73 St. George Golf Course is, unsurprisingly, in St. George, on the southeast side of town. Take either Exit #6 or #8 from I-15 and head to South River Rd.


St. George Golf Club is open year-round, with tee times starting at 7:30am, depending on the season.


  • January through May 18 Holes: $33
  • June through Sept 18 Holes: $19
  • October through December 18 Holes: $33

While walking is an option, prices include a cart. A discount is granted for those walking, varying with the season.

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Double greens are not generally seen this side of the Atlantic Ocean, but the St. George, Utah Golf Course finishes both the front and back nine on the same double green, adding a unique finish to the round.