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St George Art Museum

In St. George, Utah, you’ll discover a special place, with warm weather all year, and lots of outdoor fun. But there’s more. St. George Art Museum is a special treat for visitors. This cultural center welcomes folks of all ages for an introduction to art of all kinds. Read More

A Little History
The building that is now St. George Art Museum used to be an eyesore in the city. It was vacant and a home for small wild critters for nearly 18 years. Mice made their home there and pigeons roosted in the rafters. Previously it had been known as Warehouse Number 3, a storage facility for sugar beet seed.

However, community and city officials took it upon themselves in 1997 to transform this rundown warehouse into something dramatic and wonderful for St. George. Through their efforts and vision, an art museum was born, a lasting part of Utah’s heritage.

Exhibits from the Past
Even the titles of the exhibits that have appeared in this fabulous museum tell of a dedication to the arts, particularly the art of Utah. For example, there was A Century of Sanctuary: The Art of Zion National Park, commemorating the 100th anniversary of Zion National Park. This comprehensive and historic exhibit included artwork by artists such as Ansel Adams, Jack Hillers, Thomas Moran and more.

Some of the other past exhibits:

  • Paint the Parks: National Park Art 
  • Legacy of Wood 
  • A Legacy of Water 
  • Bear River: Last Chance to Change Course 
  • The Southern Utah Watercolor Society 
  • Roland Lee’s Canyon Country Paintings 
  • Glen Blakley Pottery 
  • The Glowing Landscape: Paintings by Colleen Howe 
  • Arts for the Parks 
  • Window on the West: Views from the American Frontier

The Future
There is much in store for future art displays at St. George Museum. And the programs held are educational and enlightening. On the 3rd Thursday of each month, the museum holds Art Conversations in the evening. You have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the artists who have graced the walls of this art center.

There’s So Much More
St. George, Utah is excited about their museum. So many benefits to the community are available, urging a new generation to become involved in the arts and forward the education of our young people.

At the Family Discovery Center, the museum offers hands-on learning, featuring the concept of expanding a child’s awareness of art. Providing a creative outlet for children, the Family Discovery Center allows you to spend quality time with your young ones, as well as help them develop their imagination.

Your journey begins at the St. George Art Museum, into a world of beauty, inspiration and creativity.